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Better Sex Tea

Better Sex Tea
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Hello Great Sex! Traditional Chinese medical science thought: “the kidney is the innate fundamentality of human being.” A very famous doctor who wrote Doctor’s Record named Tao Hongjing of Qiliang, in Southern Dynasty said: “Gojiberry is very helpful for enhancing men’s sexual function, so never take Gojiberry if you leave very faraway from home.” It was said that Fang Xuanling, the prime minister of Tang dynasty, was so concentrated in helping Emperor Tangtai Zhong to administer government affairs that it caused him powerlessness of the waist and knees, vacuity taxation, and impotence. Later through eating Gojiberry and sealwort, etc., his physical power was recovered and he became very vigorous. That helped him become a great and famous prime minister of history. The Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine indicated: “Gojiberry and sealwort are good for vigor.”Ingredients: gojiberry, raspberry, sealwort, mulberry, liquorice, fresh dried orange peel. Efficiency: Increases sperm, replenishes marrow, enhances internal sex function. Also treats consumptive disease,consumption of semen and impotence. It can darken hair if taking for a longtime. Chinese Pharmacopoeia: raspberry“boosts the kidney, secures essence...used for impotence and premature ejaculation.”   gojiberry: “enriches and nourishes the liver and kidney...used for vacuity cough and hasty panting, and depletion of semen.” The Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine: mulberry: “is good for kidney and arrests emission.

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